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According to Israeli Prime Minister, the statements that Jerusalem did not fulfi...

Netanyhah responded to the accusations of the Ambassador of Ukraine in the "pro -Russian position" of Israel (video)

According to Israeli Prime Minister, the statements that Jerusalem did not fulfill his promises for assistance to Ukraine are not true. Israel has some restrictions on helping Ukraine, but its position is not neutral. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyhah said this in an interview with The Wall Street Journal on June 28.

According to the Head of the Israeli Government, the words of the Ukrainian ambassador that Jerusalem has a pro -Russian position and does not fulfill the promises of assistance in Kiev, are not true. "Well, this is not true. The former government made some promises, they were in the process, but have not been fulfilled. But I do them. Maybe people should find out what is happening. But we are not neutral," the politician said.

Benjamin Netanyahu noted that Israel has expressed their condolences to Ukraine, but his country has some restrictions. At the same time, Jerusalem assists Kiev in rescuing civilians, and also provided the missile strokes. "We have fears that, I think, none of the Western Allies of Ukraine," Netanyahu said. On Sunday, June 25, a statement was mentioned on the page of the Embassy of Ukraine in Israel, which mentioned Jerusalem's cooperation with Moscow.

The Ukrainian department stated that in 2023 a "number of scandalous events" took place in the almost complete absence of humanitarian assistance to Ukraine. The author of the publication also called statements that involve the transfer of Western weapons from the Ukrainian battlefield of Syrian and Iranian regimes, "speculative". "The seeming" neutrality "of the Israeli government is a clear pro -Russian position," the publication reads.

According to The Jerusalem Post of June 27, the Ambassador of Ukraine in Israel Yevgeny Kornichuk was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel to a meeting on July 3 in connection with his criticism of Israel's policy. It should be reminded that on June 23, Benjamin Netanyahu said that at the borders of Israel allegedly noticed Western anti -tank missile complexes that were previously transferred to Ukraine.