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In Russia, they will be engaged in

Prepare children for war since childhood: a new subject will appear in Russian schools - Roszmi

In Russia, they will be engaged in "patriotic" upbringing of children. Representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation will be involved in the development of the curriculum.

The Deputy Director of the Department of State Policy and Department of General Education of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation Anna Timofeev in the State Duma stated that in Russian schools there will be a subject "The basis of security and protection of the Motherland", writes the propaganda edition of TASS.

"A working group is being formed, which will be engaged in the formation of a new educational federal program, which will include representatives of the Ministry of Defense and representatives of the Ministry of Emergencies," the official said. A new textbook will be prepared in parallel, adding.

Currently, the Russian authorities are planning to amend the Law on Education to rename the subject of the OBZ, as well as to adjust the state educational standards "in the part and content, and subject results, personal results, because we understand that we must supplement both the component of the patriotic part education, "Timofeeva summed up.

The subject of "Fundamentals of Life Safety" plans to be renamed "Fundamentals of Security and Protection of the Motherland" was planned to be renamed last week, the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Sergey Kravtsov reported. What are the children to study specifically until they report. The propaganda machine that Russia launched against Ukraine does not stop before. It is guided by the principle: "In the war, all the means are good.

" Therefore, the Russians and manipulations with children's consciousness do not neglect. It is known that in Russia "patriotic" upbringing of children is brought to absurdity. Preschoolers are involved in the rooms with Z-sastika, and their performance is enthusiastically looked at their parents in the hall. The media wrote that in the Tversk region on May 9 they were going to hold a parade of "baby troops", which consisted of kindergartens, but then refused.