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In the history of the reconciliation of Prigogine Belarusian, the president play...

Lukashenko is like a boy on run. As the head of Belarus at the right time served the Kremlin

In the history of the reconciliation of Prigogine Belarusian, the president played the role of not a peacemaker, but rather a servant of the Kremlin, says analyst Sergei Fursa. The continuation of this role was given to Dmitry Firtash Lukashenko - Chip and Dale in one bottle. Madness and courage. A true strong nut.

He saves Mother Russia from Troubles, one standing against the rebellion of the shooters, stopping the army of Zecs and mercenaries near Moscow with one mention of the Belarusian grandparents who fought. And the next day, he hurries to the aid of Dmitry Firtash, just a guy who wants to capture the American War and make this guy a Belarusian diplomat, trying in such a simple way to prevent his extradition from such a cute heart to the uninvited states.

And one he stands on the western border of Russia, holding back the invasion of Polish interventionists. And who, as he does not have to help Putin, do nuclear escalation simply grinding the tongue without bones, doing nothing . . . It seems, the true folk hero. And in fact, it is just a guy in the Kremlin mafia. What first it was necessary to keep your face when agreeing with Prigogin.

And then to save his gas in Firtash, who knows so much about Putin's gas equipment and companies that he simply cannot be allowed to get into the hands of American investigators alive. But to make Firtash with a Russian diplomat somehow it is not possible. And Lukashenko is always for their services. Any whim for Russian dirty money. Without which the power of the usurper Luke is worth nothing.