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In May and June, leading Ukrainian stars and bands will perform concerts: Jerry ...

"To your own risk." Despite the missile shelling, a concert boom began in Kyiv and Ukraine

In May and June, leading Ukrainian stars and bands will perform concerts: Jerry Heil, Alyona Alyona, Olya Polyakova, Skya, Monatik, Alexander Ponomarev, Dzidzo, Christina Solovaya, Dahabraha, "Without Restrictions", "Kozak System". In May, a concert and gastrolum boom began in the capital and in Ukraine: many of our stars begin to give performances or even go on a tour.

In the Palace "Ukraine", two concerts of Artem Pivovarov have been blossomed with the sellings, which in the last year wrote many duet hits - "Duma", "Turning", "Eyes", "There in Poplar" on the verses of the classics. And this is just the beginning. The scale of the event is the concert of the Sky Rockgurt with the mass of invited artists, which should take place on May 26 at the Sports Palace.

But what if air anxiety? The focus dealt with the nuances of the concert wave during the war and learned when to wait for the return of festivals. Recently, the pop grounds have been quiet, but from mid-May and early June, a huge number of our stars have been unfolding its concert and gastrol activity. Despite rocket firing and air anxiety.

Olya Polyakova will speak with the program "Everything will be well" (the name of the Verky Serdyuchka Program 20 years ago) on May 18 to the Parkovy KVC, and will go on a tour. As noted on the posters "100% of songs are translated into Ukrainian".

From May 18 to June 30, Olga with a translated and renewed repertoire (songs of wartime) will be disaster with Ukrainian, Czech and Polish cities: Cherkasy, Khmelnitsky, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Lutsk, Rivne, Bila Tserkva, Odessa, Prague, Prague , Wroclaw, Warsaw, Krakow. This is a very far -sighted decision - to come to the Czech Republic and Poland - because there is full of the main audience of Polyakova - Ukrainian women who were forced to emigrate because of the war.

Monatik begins the tour "Art Defense" 22 cities of Ukraine, also overwriting its Russian -speaking hits in Ukrainian. His tour will start from the Kiev concert on May 19 at Osocor Resident. On May 20, rock-ethy-patriotic Kozak System is sung in the most authentic environment-in Pirogovo, on the open air site "Singing Field". In addition, the entrance is free of charge, you only need to buy an entrance ticket to the museum.

Oleksandr Ponomarev and Mikhail Homa (Dzidzo), who wrote more than one patriotic hit, will give a joint concert "The Difficult Songs of the Artists" at the Park "Park". The leader of the cult band "BB" Oleg Skrypka will play a fresh program "Rockabare" on June 8 at Caribbean Club. Max Barsky, who came even for a short time in the Armed Forces and then recorded new Ukrainian and English-speaking tracks, goes on the tour "Find himself".

It will help to find a singer from June 12 to July 4 in the following cities: Kremenchuk, Kropyvnytskyi, Cherkasy, Chernivtsi, Zhytomyr, Odesa. In the release of the program, the artist addressed the future listeners: "In the summer we will be in small and big Ukrainian cities with you. We will sing loved ones and new songs, we will treat each other. As always, we will share with you what I feel.

I am sure that everyone is sure that everyone is Asked yourself how to find yourself in today's realities? I hope you will hear the answer to this question in new songs soon. " The beauty of the national scene Christina Solova will please the public at the Kureni capital institution on June 4. The Dahabraha Group, which has international popularity, is thundering on June 11, its "ethnohoos" in the ICCM ("October Palace").

The rockgurt "without restrictions", which has transferred several times a concert at the stadium (then the war, then the war) while playing at the Parkovy KVC on June 15 and 17. Jerry Heil and Alyona Alyona, who recorded many hits in Germany during the war, will give a concert at home: on June 16, you can hear them together in a capacious (up to 6,000 viewers) Stereo Plaza concert club.

Earlier, focus predicted their successful joint cooperation, because one artist very successfully complements another. But the most grandsome concert will be very soon. On May 26, Skyi Rockgurt will collect the Sports Palace for Kiev Day. Their program is called light and promising-"Give Light". The DJ Smile show will open with intro - Remix for the Ski track "Give Light". They promise a group of drummers.

Part of the Rockgurt concert will play with the Armed Forces Orchestra ensemble - 40 orchestra musicians and 20 choir vocalists. Then Rockgurt will please the fans with duet performance "Do not go" with Zlata Ognevich, and "Toy Weapon" - with Arsen Mirzoyan. The recent good ballad "I go to Sich", which the band Oleg Sobchuk wrote with the singer Sanna. The second part of the concert is planned to rock the team.

As you can see, the number of Ukrainian stars that act will reach with warming in May-June almost a pre-war level. What's with safety? It is not an empty question, because, for example, the capital's sports palace can accommodate up to 10,000 spectators. The organizers of the "Sky" concert indicate in the release: "In case of announcement of air anxiety, all guests of the concert go to the nearest shelter - the metro station" Palace of Sports ". After the alarm, the concert continues.

If the concert cannot be continued, the concert is postponed and all tickets remain valid to the next concert, which will be announced additionally. " This, of course, is not very convenient: several thousand people will not be able to go out instantly and "go" to the metro station "Palace of Sports", which is really located near the building. We asked this concert expert Yuri Gulevich. "Show business comes to life at your own risk.

But to understand, in the event of a freelance situation, viewers are more at risk than the organizers. Because the organizers, if air alarm occurs, will simply interrupt the performances of the artists and offer to go into shelter. , it is a subway next to him is the Sport Palace station. Or the audience will need to wait for this pause in local cafes and bars, ”the expert says. “ However, judging by the auditorium, the public suits everything. They disassemble well.

There were just two concerts by Artem Pivovarov in the Palace "Ukraine" - with full halls. There he gathered the audience for one concert by Ivo Bobul - his recent scandalous statements about Ukrainian women only warmed interest in the singer. Artists.

" As the question of focus about whether the summer of the revival of large-scale festivals, given that on June 16, there will already be awarding the Yuna Music Prize, Gulevich replied: "Yes, the principle here is one: the less air anxiety and more silence, the louder the show business will sound . The artists for a long time, since which time, has been holding back. And the audience has been hungry behind live performances.