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The monuments of white paint wrote

"Kat", "Occupant" and "Chekist": In Kiev, unknown busts of Soviet guerrillas (photos) were painted

The monuments of white paint wrote "demolition" and painted the characters of the face red. The action was staged on the eve of the guerrillas, which is celebrated in the Russian Federation. In the capital's Park of Eternal Glory, unknown people poured the bust of the Soviet guerrillas paint. This was reported in the media "Kyiv24". The busts of the leaders wrote the words "cat", "occupier" and "check" with white paint. Also, unknown painted the face of the monuments with red paint.

"The paint was poured, in particular, the bust of Sidor Kovpak (on the pedestal the inscription" occupier ") and Alexei Fedorov (inscription on the pedestal -" Chekist ")," - informed in the media. The inscription "Kat" "decorates" the bust of General Ivan Chernyakhovsky. Also on the pedestals they wrote "demolition". Obviously, it was a radical call to remove monuments to the Soviet heroes from the park. "It is unknown at this time who committed this action," the media was added.

It is worth noting that the action in the capital park was staged on the eve of the Day of the guerrillas and underground, which is celebrated on June 29 in the Russian Federation. We will remind, on June 28 the President of Poland Andrzej Duda came to Kiev on June 28. He stated that he had planned to meet with Ukrainian colleague Vladimir Zelensky. Earlier, on June 19, the Obolon District Territorial Center of Kiev published an order that all servicemen should come within 10 days.