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Drought, heat, smog, oxygen for sale. The Apple TV has released a fantastic

Greats Tunberg's "extrapolation

Drought, heat, smog, oxygen for sale. The Apple TV has released a fantastic "extrapolation" series, where together with a dozen star actors shows what the planet will come to 33 years. The focus understood what was good and bad in the series, which was filmed in the fashion genre for climate protection - Climate Fiction.

The "extrapolation" cast is a solid top: cat Gerington, Maryl Strip, Marion Kotyar, Sienna Miller, Edward Norton, you Maguire, Forrest Witaker, Aisa Gonzalez, Indira Varma, Judd Gersh. It would seem - what can go wrong? But IMDB estimates: 6. 1 and Rotten Tomatoes from 45% to 57% indicate that the audience is not delighted. It is easy to explain - the authors did not take off the action, but the problem tape - it should be thought. It should be argued with it. To think about your options.

Such a movie is not for pop-root. No, of course, tossed cheerful data about the future: in 2047, Texas separated from the United States, humanity landed on Mars, the African elephant died in 2040, and polar bears-in 2043. But it is only a background for serious reasons that I am I would divide into three base parts. Each series of "extrapolations" begins with the designation of the level of warming in the world. In the first series, 2037, the temperature from 2020-increased by 1. 55 degrees Celsius.

By the last series, by 2070, growth was +2. 59 degrees. Everything is sad. There is no water in Tel Aviv, in Greenland the largest glacier in the world is melting. Animals, fires, smog are dying. Towards 2068, the streets of Mumbai already sell chicken balls, but portions of oxygen. Food is almost all of the algae. Fuagra for the selected - from cloned geese. To feel the death of the usual habitat of "extrapolation" is given to the full. Extrapolis, so to speak.

But there are also people who successfully earn climate deterioration. For example, a businessman who rushes to Greenland to build an expensive hotel on the place of the melted glacier. Since all the ideology for climate protection is still socialist and revolutionary, businessmen are shown unequivocally on the bad side. These bad capitalists will be pursued and punished until the end of the series. It will not be lucky to be Kit Herrington's hero.

But because it is not easy to punish a businessman by law. Or make a business, such as coal production, then the means are often illegal, but as they say, politically necessary. In the novel The Ministry of the Future (which advertises Bill Gates), it has already been told how eco -terrorists would blow up planes and poison cows in the near future to prevent the use of hydrocarbons as fuel. Well, the cows not to let them go.

In "extrapolations", a rich climate defender sets the condition of the President of the United States - or decisions will be made to stop emissions, or it will make a mass reset of calcium carbonate from its aircraft. Particles floating in the atmosphere, on the one hand, can really limit the sunlight on the planet. And lower the temperature.

In 1991, after the eruption of Pinatubo volcano in the Philippines, a large ejection of ash occurred, which reduced the average temperature on the ground by 0. 5 degrees. So theory has the right to life. But, on the other hand, the discharge of calcium carbonate can completely destroy agriculture on the planet - because of the inability to adhere to sowing cycles - harvesting. What happens and will lead to mass famine.

In the general architecture of the apocalyptic future, which is drawn by the authors of the Climate Fiction, much attention is paid to the financial system of the future. In the already mentioned novel "The Ministry of the Future"-Carbon-Coin is introduced-an electronic currency that is tied to the mass of carbohydrate emissions. In "extrapolations" the idea is much simpler. Salary worldwide will pay in the form of carbon quotas.

That is, you can use the equivalent of money in an amount not exceeding the carbon trail you leave. You spend quotas for light in an apartment, travel in a car or by public transport, or do not spend at all if you walk. Eat a steak - subtract the damage from keeping the cow. Sometimes you will choose - steak or go. This future will be a small line in the series. But this is the part that makes you think.

After all, a fun series of brain digitization (will come in 2068), in which the comedy is played by a husband, wife, lover of a wife and waitress)-looks easy, but did we see such a little? Together - "extrapolation" - a rather complex series. What to look if you are seriously interested in climate and future problems, or you want to understand them at a level higher than pop culture. Another view of what the world will look like can be read in review of the novel "The Ministry of the Future".