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The program was changed at the last moment, both Ukrainian and Russian authors w...

Pen Club scandal through Ukrainians and Russians: Pen Ukraine replied

The program was changed at the last moment, both Ukrainian and Russian authors were among the participants. On the part of the famous writer Masha Hessen, a moderator of the discussion, were accused of Ukrainian writers.

Last week, during the World Voices Festival Festival in New York and Los Angeles, which was organized by an international PEN club and which participated more than 80 writers from 25 countries of the world, there were differences due to the refusal of Ukrainian authors to discuss with representatives of the Russian Federation. About it reports the Air Force. The first discussion was invited by Ukrainian writers Artem Chapai and Artem Czech, the current servicemen of the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

In the next event, two Russians were among the invited authors. The Ukrainians, when they learned that they should participate in one event with the Russians, refused. It is reported that the program of the event has changed at the last moment and among the participants were both Ukrainian and Russian authors. According to the Ukrainians who refused to participate in such an event, they were not reported in advance.

On the part of the journalist and writer Masha Hessen there were accusations against Chapai and the Czech, who allegedly "blackmailed" the American Pen Center because the authors from the Russian Federation participated in the event. Hessen acted as a moderator of the event (prefers to appeal in the plural - on "them", by the way, so once turned to the kings). Masha Hessen is a full -time journalist The New Yorker, the author of books, including Russia.

In 2013, after the threats, she moved from the Russian Federation to the United States. The CEO of the American Pen Susanna Nassel suggested that the event, which was expected, would be governed by Hesse, was held outside the festival. In the end, hessen was rejected, and the discussion did not take place. In protest, Hessen decided to leave the post of Deputy Chairman of the Pen-America Board of Trustees.

"I very much believe in the mission of Pen Club, but I had to go from the management post so that I do not consider that I consider a mistake," hessen explained, adding that the organizers of the festival provided "certain sensitive moments. " American Pen was acknowledged that the cancellation is due to the fact that Ukrainian writers decided not to perform on one discussion ground with the Russians. Pen Club is an international human rights organization that includes writers and journalists.

The Pen Club protects the freedom of self-expression, supports the authors who are persecuted, and promotes literature as a whole. Representatives of Pen Ukraine stated that the position of the Ukrainian cultural community against participation in joint discussions with representatives of the Russian Federation is explained by the responsibility they carry to the people.

"While there is a war in which the Russians continuously show all sorts of cynicism and cruelty, we consider immoral and inappropriate values ​​that Ukrainian and Russian writers or cultural figures can perform together or have a joint platform for expression," the publication reads.

Ukrainian authors insist that otherwise there would be a dangerous illusion of "dialogue" between representatives of Ukraine and the Russian Federation even to the complete defeat of the Kremlin regime and bringing to responsibility of Russian war criminals.

In a statement in the participants of the Ukrainian Pen Club, including philosopher Vladimir Yermolenko, poet Ostap Slivinsky, translator Irina Slavinskaya and others, it is emphasized that to divide the common cultural space with the Russians during the war is tantamount to the memory of innocent victims of Russian troops. According to the authors of the publication, Ukrainians need to inform in advance whether the Russians will be invited to certain events and in what role.