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Kherson's baby, who has lost his leg, has been rehabilitated at the National Chi...

For the first time in Ukraine: 6-year-old Marina, who lost his leg through the war, put a prosthesis

Kherson's baby, who has lost his leg, has been rehabilitated at the National Children's Specialized Hospital "Okhmatdit" for 10 months. In early May last year, a Russian projectile was hit by a Russian projectile. Doctors from Kryvyi Rih saved the baby's life, but were forced to amputate the leg higher than the knee. Prolonged treatment in the department of orthopedics and traumatology, as well as physical and psychological rehabilitation, a 6-year-old girl was held at Ohmatdit.

About it reports a medical institution on Facebook. After receiving the hospital, Marina lay almost all the time: she rarely sat on the bed, but could not move without the help of outsiders. Prosthetics were needed! "The main tasks before prosthetics - to strengthen the muscles, to prepare the leg for prosthetics, to teach the child to keep coordination on one leg and to move freely in space," - said Nazar Boroznyuk, physical therapist of NDSL "Okhmatdit".

In addition, from the first day in Okhmatdita with Marina and her loved ones, a psychology works. The specialist classes also include art therapy. "This provides a decrease in the level of anxiety," - explains psychologist Tatiana Akhmatova. The girl who suffered from the war of Russia against Ukraine became the first child to be prosthetized in Ukraine.

According to parents, it was important for them to prosthetize Marina in their home country to avoid heavy flights and be able to regularly receive help with a rehabilitologist and a prosthetist. The prosthesis for the girl was made in Kiev. The prosthetist Alexander Stetsenko says he is the first prosthesis he made for the child. It is worth noting that baby prosthetics are much more difficult than adults. Now Marina's prosthesis has been improved and made cosmetic - like a real leg.