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Among the potentially new Russian leaders, real anti -imperials are units. The a...

Against Putin, but not for Ukraine. Which of the Russian oppositionists cannot be trusted

Among the potentially new Russian leaders, real anti -imperials are units. The analysis of the actions of a conglomerate of figures, called the Russian opposition, continues to remain relevant. We need to know what to expect from its new leaders. Let's try to quantify the Russian opposition. They are all against Putin, all of them are in words against war and for peace.

However, if the fighting developed differently, many of them "reconciled" with such a course of events as in their time with the capture of Crimea, and would give the dawning of gastronomic comparisons. Therefore, the differences between the records should be sought in another: in the level of contamination of the Imperial virus and at the level of benefit from their actions for Ukraine.

The first parameter can be evaluated according to their statements about: 1) denial of Russian culture; 2) the problem of visas for Russians; 3) granting the entities of the Russian Federation the right to withdraw from its composition; 4) issues of denuclearization of the Russian Federation; 5) the causes of the breakthrough of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station; 6) post -colonial syndrome.

And about narratives that are very similar to the Kremlin (proposals to stop the fighting with a line of demarcation of troops, silenced that the genocide of the Ukrainian population will continue in the occupied territories); The harassment on social networks of those who pay attention to their, to put it mildly, inadequacy, when they are tuba throughout the world, which are no less victims than Ukrainians who die under the shelling of the Russian army.

The second parameter should be evaluated with the help they provide Ukraine: the Armed Forces and Ukrainian refugees, support in the information war, assistance in maintaining its infrastructure, real resistance to the Putin regime. Structuring allows you to distinguish 4 clusters - anti -imperials and empires that bring or do not benefit Ukraine. We will choose the sign (+) for the position of anti-imperials and friends of Ukraine, and (-) for their antagonists.

According to my subjective estimates, O. Navalny, I. Yashin, K. Shulman and S. Parkhomenko are classified as a group (-,-)-Empires whose activities do not benefit Ukraine. V. Shenderovich is attributed to the group (+,-)-it is difficult to call the Empire, but his statements about "Nazism in Ukraine" are clearly directed to her. M. Khodorkovsky, G. Gudkov, Y. Latinin, M. Helman, E. Albac, E. Chichvarin, S. Alexashenko, E. Royzman, D.

Muratov are classified as a group (-,+)-they are characterized by the Imper Activities at this stage are different, but useful to Ukraine. The fourth group (+,+) included those who come from anti -imperial positions and at least participate in the information and financial support of Ukraine. There is a radical (K. Margolis, K. Larina, M. Feigin, A. Piontkovsky, I. Ponomarev, O. Nezorov); less radical (G. Kasparov, E. Kiselev, Y. Fedorov, O. Morozov, K. Orlov); and moderate (S. Guriev, D. Bykov and B.

Akunin) wings. Interestingly, where B. Yeltsin and B. Nemtsov would be located. I think Yeltsin was somewhere near Navalny, and Nemtsov - next to Chichvarkin, that is, there would be in different clusters. But Putin would be in one cluster with Yeltsin. Putin is considered a fatal error of Yeltsin. But it must be acknowledged that the entire Putin matrix of Rashism was born in Yeltsin's time, it was for him that all these poisonous teeth of the dragon were sown.