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The task of each Ukrainian now is to

Putin-minimum plan by September 10

The task of each Ukrainian now is to "turn on the head". Russia has already declared victory in the war.

What does it mean? In Russia, propagandists have intensified, who are promoting the following narratives in one voice: - the Ukrainian offensive has fallen and there will be no significant loss of territories and will not be; - Demilitarization of Ukraine was carried out because the Ukrainian MIC is destroyed; - the continuation of the war is only advantageous to Zelensky, because otherwise his team will be destroyed by the Ukrainians themselves; - The world after Kakhovka must worry about the Zaporizhzhya NPP.

So, what is it? 1. The Russians are now rewritten the myth of this war. This myth is reduced to a well -known postulate that this event has launched a war long until 2022 (the key is the failure to comply with the Minsk agreements). And new: Ukraine has deceived the Russians when she signed Istanbul agreements, and therefore "naive and honest" Russians departed from Kiev. Kharkiv and Kherson are missing and they do not say anything, but immediately go to a failed counter -offensive. 2.

The beginning of negotiations (statements by Chinese, leaders of African countries, the Vatican) against the background of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power station undermined Putin's hope that he will now begin to persuade the war. That is why one of the most important narratives that promote Russian analysts: "The world does not want to test Putin's patience with the Zaporizhzhya NPP. " 3. Until 10. 09, Putin will pause (only Chinese can be paused, but it is not yet visible that they want to do it).