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The new superhero movie

"Flash". Attack on Siberia and analogies with the Russian-Ukrainian war

The new superhero movie "Flash" is beautifully perceived by the audience and is well -received by criticism. The Ukrainian viewer goes on fantastic films to get distracted from the harsh everyday life of wartime, and often gets into the epicenter of hostilities, reminiscent of those that take place in our country. For example, the new Flash has an attack on Siberia, where the military in captivity keeps one good person.

There is a battle, where the teenage girl is pouring a local special forces, and then the tuberbid of the armed head of the armed general. Have you been distracted? Viewers in the world immediately appreciated the picture, on IMDB - 7. 3 out of 10 points. In addition to the epic battles, the personal drama of the protagonist and a good humor were built here. Focus writes about what is worth watching the movie "Flash".

On Rotten Tomates, the audience is delighted (84%) from Flash, and the premiere passion of critics was a little gone after the first passionate reviews (66%). But for the most part, Western reviewers are complaining to the technical side: on computer graphics. However, everyone points out about the "explosion of emotions". Why? An interesting, multilayered scenario that has used the best of the best Hollywood paintings in recent decades.

First of all, the trilogy "back to the future", which is referred in the tape. Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) is a scientist who had once fallen from the laboratory cabinet, and the lightning (the first hello from "Back to the Future") was further hit, and he gained Superhil: now worn at the speed of light. Allen has discovered that if it is so crazy, you can not only stop the time, but even get into the past.

And once so, you can try to save your mom (two more departments from "back to the future"), which was killed by an unknown robber with a knife, but put his father because he tried to remove the murder tools from the wound, and his fingerprints remained on the knife. The father was planted on suspicion of murder. Barry was ten years old. Such is the tie. Barry is worn like stunned, in the past and tries to overwhelm the events in Metavssvit (he is a multi). And he faces the same 18-year-old.

But spoiled, infantile, who had a happy childhood: both parents are on the spot. Dialogues and conflicts-Barry Responsible and Barry-carefree-detachable-wonderful. Miller played both roles with dignity. Since some trifle in the past (the "butterfly effect"), which is trying to adjust Barry, changes the present - it is not too pleasant for some reason. For example, the crazy General ZOD (ZOD) threatens to destroy the earth.

Siberia is held in captivity by Supergorl, a daughter of Superman, who is only able to help cope with a large-scale armed invasion of General-Sadist. Both Barry in the company with old and restarted Batman (hello from the series "Obi-Wan Kenobi", 2022) are undertaken to remedy the situation.

An episode, which is not something Ukrainian viewers from in itself, is when a teenage girl is supergarl a local special forces in Siberia, and then a stick, picked up from the ground, stuck down the head of the armed general with a dictator. This symbolic series cannot but provoke an association with the Russian-Ukrainian war.

Moreover, the attack of rabies in a girl, the general caused that the murder of her father Superman was part of his special operation on Krypton, this planet was their common homeland. In the beginning, Flash was sinned by exaggerations inherent in Indian cinema. The great -eyed charming mom, a cheerful dad, they literally sing and dance in the kitchen at the start of the movie: everything should be very good before it becomes exceptionally bad. But then the plot was leveled.

Despite the considerable duration of the painting - 2 hours 20 minutes - "Flash" turned out to be a fascinating mix of drama, fantasy and a fighter. Let's note the bright tricks. Batman's behavior performed by Michael Kiton causes not so much analogy with "Star Wars", but with the Air Bads of World War II in the "Dunkirk" of Christopher Nollan. And the moving desire for a "forked" flash drive to save the mother made a picture close to such moviegoes as "Dr.

Stranda - 2" and "Guards of Galaxy - 3", where purely personal dramas make superheroes close and understandable to the audience. Plus wonderful humor. "I know that sex exists - I just never tried," - complains young flash to other superheroes. And, apparently, to correct this situation when a beautiful girl jumped to visit him and asked to drink, Barry had to drive a beer in the nearest market . . . Just through the wall.