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Artem Pivovarov performed as an artist and author of songs, a powerful jerk over...

"The war turned on me." As Artem Pivovarov became artist # 1 in wartime

Artem Pivovarov performed as an artist and author of songs, a powerful jerk over the last year thanks to the project "Your Poems, My Notes", where the poems of Ukrainian classics were sung in the style of Trype-Hop.

Despite the jumping of the popularity of Skofka with his patriotic hit "Chui Anthem", artist # 1 became Artem Pivovarov in wartime, thanks to his supper project "Your Poems, My Notes" ("Your Poems, My Notes"), where it is from) A number of stars recorded duets on poems of Ukrainian classics. It was only during the war that more than 10 songs with clips were released. "Duma" with the hope of Dorofeeva on Taras Shevchenko's poem scored a record 37 million views on YouTube.

The duets are recorded with NK, Olya Polyakova, Kalush, Alyona Alyona, Oleg Violin and others. Each artist has his own approach: Pivovarov with the team is not only an author, but also a producer. A total of 120 million people have been viewed on YouTube today. Artem gave two heslag concerts in the Palace of Ukraine in May and went on a tour of Europe. The focus is disassembled, which allowed him to make a breakthrough in his career in wartime. Total: Almost 120 million views. Impresses.

Many of our stars have fallen into a stupor with the beginning of the war - they did not make anything, many left or disappeared from the radars, but some, on the contrary, began to show release - what was already written by focus. As Artem said in an interview with himself, "The war turned me. " Two weeks after the full -scale invasion of the Russian Federation, he gave a concert in the Armed Forces.

Although the project "Your Poems, My Notes" was launched in 2021, more than 10 songs, together with the clips, recorded already in wartime, that is, the activity of Pivovarov - tripled. Artem was here both the author, the performer, and the co -producer. Its Pivovovarav Production is a kind of hits. Artem Pivovarov the first during the war gave in May two heslag concerts at the Palace "Ukraine". "I was on one of these two concerts," Music Critic Mykola Milinevsky shares with focus.

"People actively sang his new compositions that quickly became hits. For the most part, these were lyrical things. Patriotic was one" yellow-blue heart ". Apparently, the strongest reaction of the public was to the song "Duma" in the words of Taras Shevchenko, which he sang in a video with Nadiya Dorofeeva, but at the concert performed it himself.

The patriotic hit "The hymn" of the rapper Skofka has been recruited 45 million views and a little ahead of Duma "with their 37 million, but given that in the amount of the project" Your poems, my notes "gained more He united the Ukrainian stars of different generations. It should be noted that the brothers of Ukrainian classic poets are a very competent decision by three points (the front was that the well-known artists read one poem of Ukrainian classics on the network).

And to everyone in favor of: shake the dust from textbooks and increase the bank of quality Ukrainian songs (arrangement, execution - ultra -time), creating a name on a perfect cultural product. "I particularly liked that Artem actively communicates with the public at the concert. He thinks on difficult, philosophical topics, such as micro- and macrocosm. That is, despite the fact that he is pop executive, nor his musical style, or manner of communication They look primitive.

In this sense, I can only compare it with Monatik, " - says Milinevsky. After May concerts at home, Pivovarov moved on a European tour, which included 11 countries. He is currently preparing for a speech in Switzerland. It is known that Artem raises funds for the Armed Forces: he transferred to our troops from a dozen cars, including a mobile hospital for $ 250,000. Certainly, his character and talent during the extraordinary military situation put Artem to the top of the Ukrainian pop Olympus.

Artem Pivovarov was born on June 29, 1991 in the city of Vovchansk, Kharkiv region. Has an unfinished music education by the guitar class. In his youth he organized a metal group. He tried to bring different styles there - his peculiarity to "mix" different genres to expand the audience, appeared early. He graduated from medical college, worked in intensive care.

He was brought up by his mother and grandmother, his father left the family early, a decisive role in his upbringing as a man played his grandfather. Artem fell depressed at 22 years after his death and did not make songs for two years. But then he was able to overcome himself and return to creativity. In his youth, Artem fought a lot in the yard, but realized that it was nowhere to do: "Music saved me. " Initially, it was moving to Kharkiv. Since 2017 - in Kiev.

The first hits "Okr" and "My Night/My Night" appeared in 2017, where he clearly manifests himself not only as a performer, but also as a songrair (songwriter). He created a company Pivovovarav Production, which supplied new songs for various stars to the music market of Ukraine and Russia. Its clients were: Loboda, Philip Kirkorov, Dima Bilan, Sunsay (5NIZZA). The maximum fee for the song, according to Artem's recognition, is $ 15-17 thousand.

Artem's own breakthrough occurs in 2020 - the song "Dzhaza" gained 50 million views on YouTube, and in "Rendezva" (2021), which follows it - 23 million views. Brewery's main feature is insightful lyrical ballads. But let's understand more about his style, which for some reason was considered "uncertain". "As for his style, it is difficult for me to glue it. In the last years, three years are just pop in which pieces of different genres are displaced.

Who is similar to the West, it is difficult for me. But if you look for associations, it is definitely European continental The tradition of entertaining music, not America and not Britain. Personally, I feel the influence of the Balkan countries: from Romania to the former Yugoslavia countries. There prevails such brightness, pathetic and rhythms mobility.

" I agree that his compositions have the influence of the Balkans, which sound, for example, in the music of Goran Bregovich or in the American band Gogol Bordello, Eugene Gudz. But "packaging", the form of filing from Pivovarov is quite different-just, in my opinion, British (not American, as a dance pop foat of his closest competitor to Monatik today). Artem himself said that his style is a "new wave". I would clarify: not new, but a "Brystol wave" or a trip-hop.

Trip-Hop is a style of music that originated in the mid-1990s in the UK in a number of groups from Brystole. When a hip-hop (dance rap) rushed from the US to the British market, they only took a rhythm from it, but combined with electronic, "vertical", meditative, tranita ("trip") sound reminiscent of "departure" or flight . As Pvovarov himself remarked, "Music should lift. " Only the founders of Tryp-Hop-the British Massive Attack sound very gloomy. Brewery lighter: it sounds dramatic-lyrical.

Compare "Angel" Massive Attack with his "Oxygen". Here, too, "Trip", but not with some forbidden substances, but with "oxygen": "There are reasons, I lead one one and my oxygen, I am your sour. " In the 1990s, Linda worked in the 1990s in the 1990s (remember-"Little Fire"?), "Guests from the future", "tattoo". From Ukrainian artists, I can only call the popular composition "Pianoe Solnese" 2015 singer Alekseev. And Alekseev was somehow died, so there was no competitors in Pivovarov on this field.

His "Rendezv" (2021) is a trip-hop combined with a day. And why not dance the public at his concert? There is a departure in dreams, "Trip" as a journey to the other side of reality. And on the language issue, even then Artem began to produce songs in two versions: Russian and Ukrainian. "That is a dream, and barely burns the Orion of the Constellation of the Flame is not a dream, history is new. Ask: Who are you, who is I?" And sometimes in three: he did the song "Dzhazhu" and French.

Brewery "Duma" is taken because it is acoustic trip-hop, with a good bass "Kuck" and a wonderful guitar arrangement: a relevant combination of modern and archaic. The text, however, the track is five times less than in the poem of Taras Grigorovich, but therefore young people came - the composition "will not load".

Duma, my thoughts, thoughts are evil me with you! Why did you not dispel the wind? Duma, my thoughts, thoughts are evil me with you! Certainly, the grand project "Your poems, my notes" managed and it continues. But, of course, if you listen to all these songs in a row-a trip-hop scheme is made, you notice the similarity of tunes and techniques. Although in general - "takes". In my opinion, today the weakest place in Artem is his visual image.

Despite all the "sound" popularity of Pivovarov, as he complained in an interview, he is still infrequently recognized in the face. Why? In my opinion, there is a reason: there is not a clear visual image of the artist. The same problem (only more pronounced) in another talented Ukrainian performer Taras Topoli-the leader of the rock band "Antibodies": his white shirts and jeans call the association only with "guy from the office".

In creating an artist's image, you need to dance from his archetype on stage. Who is brewing today? He is a prince of national pop scene: young, beautiful, bright. General formula of his work (image-action-transformation): Prince-Tryp-Hop-a flight of love. It has the names of the albums: "Ocean", "Cosmos", "The Element of Fire". The image of the prince is very popular with a particularly female part of the audience. Pivovarov, by the way, is not married. And his girlfriend hides his public.

And if you get married, then you also need to hide a little: the prince! What works on the image of the prince: something gorgeous, bright, but not devoid of taste. For example, he somehow sat in a white chic down jacket at an interview. The combination of red with white - approx. But when Pivovarov demonstrates his numerous tattoos (which is really full of British Trype Hop stars), the image of the prince is contrary to it.