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SPOC asks the Pentagon for the development of artificial intelligence technology...

US space forces began to actively implement AI to protect against Russia and China

SPOC asks the Pentagon for the development of artificial intelligence technology and machine learning to confront modern cyber threats and improve intelligence. The US space forces, the youngest branch of the country's armed forces, are actively implementing artificial intelligence and machine training into their operations and processes, Defenscoop writes. Neuro -networks have become one of the main SPOC tools to improve the efficiency and reliability of their systems.

However, there are a large layer of unresolved problems that require rapid response and correction, especially in the context of competition with Russia and China. The US space forces recognize that digital thinking and skills in their staff need to be developed to successfully use neurotromes. Therefore, they conduct various educational programs such as Digital University, Space Force Data Office and other activities to prepare their staff to work with new technologies.

It is also a very important process of creating a unified system of command of all its units, and therefore the help of the Pentagon is important here for the early implementation of AI in the framework of automation of routine tasks, analysis of large amounts of data, support decision -making and adaptation to a dramatically changing situation. Due to the tools of artificial intelligence, US space forces also want to improve the quality of space intelligence.