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The Russian soldiers took a picture of aircraft type through the Thor SPR. The R...

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation noticed Jump 20 UAVs, armed with drones Switchblade (video)

The Russian soldiers took a picture of aircraft type through the Thor SPR. The Russian military noticed in the sky over Ukraine the American unmanned Jump 20, armed with Switchblade 300 bargage ammunition. This was written in Telegram Media Mash. According to the Russian media, the operators of the anti-aircraft missile complex "Thor" of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation were shaken by a drone, which was recognized as JUMP 20 produced by Aerovironment.

The proof is a picture - it shows only a silhouette of a aircraft, which is similar to the specified UAV. The Jump 20 is a tactical "wing" tactical level capable of vertically sealing and sitting. The modular design allows to carry a different amount of pay weight up to 13. 6 kg.

Initially, the JUMP 20 is designed for reconnaissance and artillery, but in 2022, the manufacturer Aerovironment demonstrated that it could also launch drones-Kamikadze Switchblade 300, the Russians suggested as if they found such a tandem. The Telegram-Channel "Semi-military Organization" writes that launching with Jump 20 increases the range of Switchblade 300, as the latter dives from higher height.

After noticing the target with the NAV camera of the aircraft type, the Ukrainian military does not need to specifically send a ground group with a starting unit - it is enough to give the command. Switchblade 300 weighs about 2. 5 kg with a warhead, and in flight can be from 20 to 40 minutes. When launching from the ground, the flight range of ammunition is 10 km.

It is unknown how much the range will increase in the case of the drone-Kamikadze launching simply in the air and the use of the JUMP 20 as a relay. In May, it was written that Aerovironment decided to hand over Jump 20 drones to Ukraine. The company has already started production of drones specifically for the Armed Forces. It was also written that the Russians try to copy American shock drones Switchblade 300.