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The F-16 fighter supply to the autumn will completely change the ratio of forces...

F-16-Victory Bulletin. When and how western fighters will change the configuration of war with Russia

The F-16 fighter supply to the autumn will completely change the ratio of forces on the fronts of war in Ukraine, says journalist Orest Sohar-and explains why. It is worth expecting that September-October will be crucial when the Kremlin will not even be able to optimism about its "military operation". The 4th generation fighters (not even mentioning the 5th) today are as omnipotent as God Zeus in Greek mythology: he controlled the elements and managed the heavenly forces. F-16 can even more.

F-16 is a multi-purpose fighter, taking 5-8 tons of "hotels" on board-bombs and rockets. It is capable of maintaining the land parts in the offensive, using managed and unmanaged aircraft, rockets, jet shells. The F-16 is 4 in 1: an interceptor, a fighter, a bomber and a storm. The F-16 also works as a platform for missile and air defense missiles, that is, capable of turning into flying Himars or IRIS-T.

The rocket range is added to the battle radius of the fighter itself: it can fly 1000 km into the rear of the enemy. Modern aviation is somehow a weapon of mass destruction, because 5-8 tons of combat load can destroy any fortress. In terms of equivalent, it is at least 250 HIMARS missiles (if you count on a combat element). At first, aviation for a week or two anti-radar missiles knocks out the aircraft of the invaders, and then rocket attacks and bombing begin.

2-3 F-16 squadrons are capable of breaking the spine of Rashist defense. As the military says who control the sky, he controls the war. On the eve of the G7 it was clear that Ukraine would receive the F-16. The question is how much, when and from whom. "How many" and "from whom" are simple questions. There are three potential donors that go to F-35: Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands. In total, the trinity derives 139 fighters.

If we talk about this year, it is one or two squadrons from the Netherlands and one from Denmark, that is, a total of 24 to 36 cars, Defense Exprese. By the way, new (and not used) boards will not only cost several times more, but here is a factor such as time: the queue behind them is painted for decades. The Armed Forces is important not only to get the aircraft itself, but also the weapons. Without them, the F-16 is only a flying platform.

BC and spare parts make up 50% of the car's total check, and here, obviously, our American partners should say. The planes will get to Ukraine when the preparation of pilots will be completed. Apparently, this is September-October. It is 3-4 months to study 1-2 class pilots. We hope that it is then that Zeus, the supreme god of the 4th generation, will boom on his fiery chariot with cotton defensive ranks of the invaders, and they will completely burn the belief in "the king and atheticism.