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The forces of special operations of several countries together with the American...

With Shahd and C-400: The US has been trained under the strong influence of war in Ukraine (video)

The forces of special operations of several countries together with the Americans imitated the scripts of destruction of enemy SAMs and bases with drones-Kamikadze in the rear of the enemy. According to the scenario, one country attacks another. The forces of special operations, along with other troops, completed training aimed at preparing for guerrilla warfare. Some of the scenarios were very reminiscent of the Russian-Ukrainian war. About it reports The War Zone.

The Western Virginia National Guard reported the completion of Ridge Runner Exercise exercises. They created a realistic and dynamic environment where hostilities could occur. Among other things, fighting in the rear of the enemy. In addition to the US military, they participated in the training: in addition, a number of NATO member states and partners were sent to observers, including Moldova and Georgia.

The training also had simulated news issues, local authorities, emergency services and others. The publication notes that some scenarios were very reminiscent of war in Ukraine. First of all, because the scenario of the invasion of one country into another was worked out. There were also noticeable layouts of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, which imitated the launchers of the S-300 and C-400 SPR. They were noticeable St. George's tape and star.

In the future, the SCO forces can have the task of neutralizing the enemy's air defense in a probable conflict with the Russian Federation or China. There were also coarse models of the Shahd-136 drone-Kamikadze. They should also be destroyed by SCO operators. "This modeling is crucial for America and our allies to be prepared and ready to cope with destabilization tactics that we see as Russia and China are used through organizations such as Wagner's group," said Senator Joe Manchin.