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The Russian President has decided to shine in the field of solving environmental...

"Frog - Well done": Putin recalled a children's cartoon on the forum (video)

The Russian President has decided to shine in the field of solving environmental problems. He considers a frog with a cartoon that eats garbage. Russian President Vladimir Putin praised the garbage frog from the children's Russian Kumi-Kumi cartoon series. It grows useful things from waste, said the Head of State on June 29 during the discussion of environmental problems in the forum "Strong Ideas for Modern Time". "For the kids there is such a cartoon" Garbage Frog ".

When something is grown and used there, a frog eats this garbage and then grow something," he said. According to him, this thing is very good and "frog - well done, she is on our side. " "The frog solves environmental problems," the dictator summed up. The producer of the Kumi-Kuma cartoon series Ilya Popov was glad that Putin had paid attention to his creation. "Russian cartoons, including the garbage frog, pay great attention to socially significant problems of society, such as ecology.

In all the cartoons we have, there are always topics aimed at developing children, as well as meaningful social topics. This leadership of the country is paying attention, " - said Popov to reporters. The cartoon series about the garbage frog is released since 2012, it is designed for children under 12 years. It should be reminded that environmentalists from the European Union have called for criminal responsibility for the ecocide made by Russia during the Great War in Ukraine.