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Ukrainians finance the Russian army by buying gasoline and autogas from the Russian Federation: a large -scale scheme is revealed

"The Latvian media conducted a detailed investigation and found that huge parties of Russian oil products were sent to the Riga port, which then came to Ukraine. This scheme was at least until early February, until the introduction of the embargo on oil products. We are still being shipped from the Russian Federation by the Latvian auto -gas. Opinion. That's what is known about it.

NS Point and NS Pride tankers supplied fuel to the Pars termināls and Naftimpeks, from where Ukrainian companies were taken away. For example, from the Russian Federation, on February 2, fuel was delivered to Pars termināls in Riga. The tankers that supplied fuel to Latvia from the Russian Federation belong to the Russian State Company "Sovcomflot". It is about A-92 gasoline and diesel worth € 100 million.

The Russian autogas (which is not forbidden within the embargo on petroleum products) is also in Latvia. Petroleum products from the Russian Federation, according to journalists, had a certificate of quality Orlen Lietuva. But officially, the company stated that it was a fake certificate. Like, they do not use Russian fuel. In fact, Russian companies supplied oil products to Ukraine through Latvia. And Ukrainians, buying such fuel, funded the Russian army.

The Latvian media did not name the Ukrainian networks that are involved before. The list can be very wide. For example, ORLEN LIETUVA diesel purchases even Ukrzaliznytsia (although this does not mean that it is refueled by Russian fuel). Orlen Lietuva also supplies autogas to Ukraine. According to experts of Naftorokonok, Lithuania and Latvia exported to our country about 8 thousand tons of auto gas.

And the only manufacturer in the Baltic countries - the Mazhayki Refinery (ORLEN) - can export up to 3 thousand tons of auto gas. The difference could be compensated by the addition of Russian gas. After all, if you bind the cocktail with the fate of Russian gas up to 49%, it is not considered Russian. According to the A-95 consulting group, Amik company is imported from Lithuania and Latvia. Importers also include: OKKO, BRSM, Avanture, Westecototop. And this is not a comprehensive list.