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Another change in the position of the United States, approved after the invasion...

Changed the position: the US deported the Russian who escaped from mobilization - the media

Another change in the position of the United States, approved after the invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, forces people who flee from Putin's mobilization to return to Russia. Joe Baiden's administration quietly resumed deportation to Russia, which is an apparent change in the position adopted after Russia's invasion of Ukraine is just over a year ago when such deportations were suspended. About it reports The Guardian.

It is noted that this weekend of the Russian, who came to the United States, escaping from Russian mobilization to the war in Ukraine, was deported back to Russia. The emigrant was among several asylum requests from the Russian Federation, most of whom moved to the United States last year and are now afraid that the US government is deporting them to Russia, where they could threaten prison or rapid departure to the forefront.

"The US Immigration and Customs Control Service (ICE) is still dedicated to humane, efficient and professional provision of immigration legislation. ICE facilitates the movement and export of non -citizens by commercial airlines and charter flight : ICE exports to other countries, given Russia, in accordance with the country's governing principles for export.

" News on the renewal of deportations to Russia appeared a little more than a year after the reports that Baiden's administration had suspended deportation flights to Russia, Ukraine and seven other European countries during a full -scale invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine. It is unclear when deportations to Russia have recovered. The White House did not respond to the request of the comment.

Texas lawyer Jennifer Skarborow, whose clients were four Russians who entered the United States across the border of Mexico and were looking for asylum, said men had been in the fear of being called to fight. Skarboro said that Ice representatives reported that one of its clients was deported on the weekend. She explained that she had no doubt that he had been taken to Russia. "I do not know what will happen to him," Skarboro said.